Fishing new waters

Three Must Use Tools & Tactics for Driving Audience Acquisition Beyond the Brand Channel

How to reach new audiences and capture attention beyond your owned media channels.

What happens when you fish the same waters over and over again? 

Eventually, you start to run out of fish. You can cast a wider net, and that may work for a time, but at some point, you’ve just got to find a new spot. You have to fish new waters. 

The same is true for your audience. It’s great to market within your brand channels and to nurture your built-in audience, but to exponentially grow your brand fan-base (or increase your yield in fish-speak), you’ve got to start embracing strategies designed to drive audience acquisition beyond the brand channel. 

3 Must Use Tools For Building An Audience Beyond the Brand Channel

Getting your brand, event, or message in front of new eyes via new channels is definitely what we mean by fishing new waters! This ability to target a new audience via paid media that feels organic and authentic is the acquisition strategy you’ve been wishing for. And it works! 

Specifically in regards to event strategy, and driving audience acquisition beyond the brand channel, we’ve found the combination of the following tools to work wonders. 

  1. Use Digilant Pre-Event
  2. Use Amp.Live During Your Event
  3. Use Social Ladder After Your Event


Digilant is a programmatic advertising provider, offering ad buying solutions and services to agencies and brands. There are a few companies out there doing this, like Outbrain, and Taboola, but we’ve found Digilant to be the most precise thanks to their data science team. 

Programmatic advertising refers to using software to purchase and place digital ads, as opposed to the traditional approach where humans negotiate for ad space and manually manage orders. And programmatic ad buying is rapidly becoming the industry standard as publishers and media outlets embrace this more efficient form of monetizing their audience reach. 

Aside from the obvious benefits of more quantifiable ROI and reliable efficiency, programmatic advertising offers the ability to go beyond the brand channel — beyond your owned media — to capture the attention of the right audience, with the right message, at the right time. A powerful way to drive brand awareness, event registrations, re-enforce your message, or bring in new prospects at the top of the funnel. 

Looking to drive new registrations for your event? Spin up a content-rich, engaging event landing page, define your audience targets and goals, and then try Digilant. 


Event marketers are embracing the programmatic revolution, finding that programmatic strategies not only enhance audience acquisition efforts PRE-event, but they also can be utilized DURING your event. 

It’s no secret that live social video is one of the hottest and most effective new forms of marketing media, and now, AmpLive offers the ability to embed live video beyond the social-sphere. 

This is especially powerful for event marketers as you can now place the livestream of your event within native ad space on the publisher and media channels your ideal audience is most likely to hang out. 

One of Amp.Live’s coolest features? Attention retargeting.


SocialLadder is a simple way to enable your existing community to build your potential community. Basically, it allows you to turn your audience into your ambassadors.

Consumers are immune to traditional advertising and increasingly prefer to discover new brands and events via people they trust, so SocialLadder makes word-of-mouth recommendations scalable for event organizers and brands of all sizes. Pretty much all events struggle with engaging their audience after an event is over. SocialLadder rewards fans for creating content that captures the after glow’ of the event and this user-generated content ultimately helps attract a new audience for the following next year.“Alana Bly, Co-Founder, SocialLadder

If you introduce a SocialLadder campaign to your event audience during the show, you will have created an after-event street team to drive buzz and brand awareness far beyond the event end date. Your built-in audience can be incentivized to help sell tickets for the next event, drive likes and followers across social, and simply promote you to an audience you otherwise might not reach. 

Want to learn more on how to use strategies like programmatic advertising and geo-messaging to reach new audiences and capture attention beyond your owned media channels? Download our white paper, Programmatic Marketing for Events” today!

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