The Situation

Circle is one of the world’s most innovative financial tech companies. And they are an important leader in a movement to revolutionize how money and value are transferred online. For Converge22, their inaugural user conference, they needed an event experience that reflected the leadership and impact they have in their industry.

The Strategy

After considering Circle’s distinct visual branding—and spending a lot of time getting to know the event space—the creative team created a plan that drew upon the concise connections between the abundant natural light found in Moscone Center’s communal areas and Circle’s mission as a company.

“Light was THE perfect connective thread for this event. Like Circle’s US Digital Coin, it moves instantaneously, without friction, shifting and adapting to new environments. And when light rays converge it creates illumination—making the unknown feel familiar, which speaks to Circle’s thought-leadership in this space.  These concepts tie nicely into both Circle’s brand and the Converge theme. And a light-based approach to the event’s experience design will provide the necessary show drama, with a flexibility you don’t get in other mediums.”

–Tripp Underwood, Cramer VP of Content and Strategy

That connection informed the light design by illuminating the venue with distinct usage of neon circular shapes, darkening windows to create a subtle path for attendees to follow, and an open-floor plan style stage that still had an intimate vibe that immersed the entire conference hall despite its size. The inspiring opening experience combined the glow of the lighting design in both the video and main stage area while driving home Circle’s key messaging.

The Solution

The space immediately immersed attendees in the Converge theme. From sidewalk graphics leading event goers into the Moscone Center to the massive logo banners and illuminated archways bringing the light and circular elements to life, there was no mistaking you were at a world class event. Entering the GS space again light was the focal point. Entering through a dimmed hallway, attendees were awed and energized by the coordination of lights flooding the main room. The 100+ foot LED screen in the center of the stage evolved in concert with the illuminated steps to the stage that changed color with the Circle logos and concert like spotlights flashing across the room.

The event offered General Sessions each morning and evening, 4 options for breakouts set for 500 people, and a marketplace for hands-on learning. While it was not live streamed, the Circle team would record, edit, and post the content to their YouTube page on a Simulive roll-out for their remote audience. And with keynotes from industry leaders and celebrities including Jeremy Allaire (CEO and Co-Founder of Circle), Kevin O’Leary, Serena Williams, Mark Cuban and Charlize Theron, it was content viewers were compelled to seek out.

The Results

Converge22 drew an audience of 2,500, an exciting number of attendees for a first event, especially in a new and rapidly evolving industry like fin-tech. With 84 live sessions and 130 individual speakers (both live and virtual), the team made such a complex operation seem simple and its tech flawless. Each keynote speaker noted the tremendous production and skill of the crew, and the buzz on social media was outstanding.  Flattering, sure, but for Cramer, the most important feedback comes from an audience of one—our main client.

All the Buzz on Social Media

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