Virtual events are everywhere right now, but they’re not new.  

We’ve been working in the online event space for more than 20 years, blending everything we know about event strategy with compelling creative, engaging video, and broadcast-quality production and technology.   

Zoom is great for meetings. But if you’re creating an online experience that needs to inspire, educate, and/or engage an audience, we’ll help you take it to the next level.  

We’re an agency, not a platform, so we can custom-build our offerings based on your specific needs and connect you with all the right vendors. Have some specific questions on how we help brands turn virtual meetings into experiences people love?  Let’s talk.  

Your Event, Now Virtual

Now is not the time to halt your event plans just because you need to meet remotely. Whether you’re looking to engage potential donors, host a virtual party, or just showcase a new product, our extensive virtual event production experience can help turn the virtual event of your dreams into a reality.

Broadcast Studio

  • Two sound stages
  • State-of-the-art broadcast control room
  • Fully dedicated Gig-speed bandwidth
  • Customizable sets
  • Green room
  • 7 AVID edit suites with 211 TB of shared storage
  • 2 Pro-Tools audio suites
  • Voice-over booth
  • 2D-3D animation stations

Production Services

  • Strategy  
  • Agenda-planning 
  • Set design 
  • Digital experience design 
  • Video / live broadcast production  
  • Content (digital, scripts, presentations, messaging)
  • Professional encoding & livestreaming 
  • Talent scouting 

Qualified Staff

  • Creative directors 
  • Writers
  • Producers 
  • Broadcast technical directors 
  • Camera operators 
  • Video engineers 
  • Audio engineers 
  • Lighting designers 
  • Strategists 
  • Writers
  • Designers 
  • Animators 

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Virtual Events Guide

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Virtual Event FAQ’s


We cancelled our event. Should we try to replace it?

For almost every company, the short answer is yes.  You’ve got a lot going for you —your brand, audience, content. You can still leverage that equity online. Your venue may be moving online, but the value is still there. And you have options. Some of our clients are quite literally replacing their events with a virtual version (more on that below) Others are finding new ways to connect through webinars, multi-episode web series, and content marketing. Finding the right approach is a matter of aligning your objectives, timelines, and budgets.   

What’s the difference between a webcast, webinar and a full virtual event? 

You might hear these words being interchanged, but they have a specific look and feel and value. We recommend reading this overview of the different alternatives to live events.

How is a virtual event hosted?

There are many platforms that do a good job supporting virtual events. They include Intrado, On24, and IBM Video Cloud. Platforms like Vimeo Enterprise, YouTube Live, LinkedIn Live, Facebook, and even Instagram can be used to create successful virtual events. At Cramer, we’re platform-agnostic and help our clients choose the technology that best fits their objectives and content. 

Which virtual event platform do you recommend?

We are platform agnostic. Platform selection is not your first action item. Set your goals, your strategy, and content plan. Design the experience you want your attendees to have, and then pick the platform that optimizes that experience.

What is Simulive? 

Simulive is a simulated live experience. Presenters pre-record the presentation and then interact with attendees in real-time on broadcast day.

How do I include multiple remote presenters?

There are many technologies that allow you to connect with remote presenters. They can even speak to one another or speak while presenting slides. To make it look and sound more professional when presenters are broadcasting from home, we have a “Webcast in a Box” kit we ship to your door that includes high quality microphones, backdrops, and lighting along with a digital camera. The key to prevent technological issues during your virtual event is to set up and test all connections and technology prior to showtime.

Is there any special equipment needed to record video at home?  

Of course, anyone can record a video on their laptop or phone. But if it’s going to be broadcast, we recommend some upgrades that really improve the quality such as a condenser microphone and a halo ring or “selfie light. For more tips, check out our complete guide to webcasting from home.

How do I include sponsors in my virtual event?

We recommend weaving sponsorship into your content. For example, a sponsor could be part of a panel discussion, where they can discuss their product or service in the context of solving problems relevant to the audience. You can also include commercial breaks promoting sponsors between sessions. The set could be designed for prominent logo placement.

My live event was three full days of general sessions, keynotes, breakouts, and networking. How long should I expect my new digital event to be?

It will likely be shorter, but there isn’t a formula for conversion. The question is how to take the content and experiences you had planned and make them engaging in a digital setting. The key? Unwrap all of the elements that were in place for the physical event piece by piece. There will be many elements you can repurpose, but some will not make the cut.  We generally recommend shorter bits of content, using a guided host, and inclusion of participatory activities.