Our studios are designed to maximize our internal efficiencies while giving our clients more flexibility. 


It’s a small differentiator but tends to have a big effect on our projects. Work doesn’t move through our building. We rally around it. No silos, egos, or missed opportunities. Just creative thinking, good energy, and great communication.  


We work hard to function like an extension of our clients’ internal brand teams. And we’ve structured our teams in a way that lets us collaborate, conceptualize—and when needed, pivot—with an agility and focus on client needs you don’t see enough of these days.  


At Cramer we pride ourselves on being not very agency-minded and more partner orientated. It’s an approach that defines our client experience philosophy and overall business model because we believe when you’re easy to work with, it’s easier for everyone to get the results they want.  


“The Cramer team is thoughtfully resourced. Planning and strategy was heavily involved in the beginning of the process and then the production team seamlessly takes over. Each member on the team had specific experience relevant to that phase of the project ultimately leading to the production of an amazing event.”

Community Marketing Events Manager, Klaviyo

Event Strategy and Experience Design Agency

Cramer Experiential Marketing Agency in Boston