Imagine an eclectic group of strategic, creative and production wizards, all working together under one roof—making magic happen and keeping chaos at bay.

That’s us, every day. We’re like the Hogwarts of event agencies.

Everything you need to bring your brand to life happens right here.

Strategy. Creative. Production. Technology… Every arm of our business is part of a single, hive-mind network that works seamlessly with each other. Our studio model was designed to promote easier collaboration between teams, which leads to more outside the box thinking, a better distribution of knowledge and skillsets, and increased transparency in all aspects of a project.

Creative yet nimble solutions for any situation. Delivered by an accessible group of experts who know what it takes to get the job done right… all with a little magic thrown in for good measure. That’s Cramer.


Welcome inside.

“The Cramer team is thoughtfully resourced. Planning and strategy was heavily involved in the beginning of the process and then the production team seamlessly takes over. Each member on the team had specific experience relevant to that phase of the project ultimately leading to the production of an amazing event.”

Community Marketing Events Manager, Klaviyo

Event Strategy and Experience Design Agency

Cramer Experiential Marketing Agency in Boston