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Episode 18

Conversations are replacing presentations at events. Join our co-hosts Kate Romano and Joe Lovett...

Why Your Company Needs Its Own Branded User Conference

Episode 17

It’s a modern-age dilemma. Technology enhances many aspects of events, but it can also get...

employee engagement activations

Episode 16

When considering adding fuel to your experience, consider coffee as an event in and...


Episode 15

New uses for blockchain technology — beyond currency — are emerging and will benefit event operations and multiple...


Episode 14

Recently Cramer joined Emarsys’ Marketer + Machine podcast to talk about the role that events — interactive,...

How Virtual Reality is Shaping the Future of Brand Experiences

Episode 13

VR ​“venues” are expected to transform the group VR experience by allowing users to interact...


Episode 12

Transcript Kate Romano (00:04): Hello, brand marketers, agencies, vendors, Mom and Dad. Welcome to...