After a strategy has been defined, we engage our creative teams, a hive of designers, animators, and filmmakers to bring the plan to life through brilliant event assets artfully telling your unique story.

We take your strategic message and translate it into event content that will take your audience on an emotional journey. Wonder, laughter, shock, surprise, motivation, and comprehension can all go deeper to reach your audience in a variety of formats.

We create video, animation, and mixed reality event content to create meaningful engagement with your audiences.  Whether you are building a fully virtual event, an in-person event, or a hybrid event experience, our team has the storytelling talent to deliver your message in the right format to create the biggest impact. Maybe you want a Choose Your Own Adventure-style or a Virtual Reality experience? We can put the power and proven results of experiential learning to work for you.

Environmental Design

More than staging. Bigger than journey mapping, our environmental designers are masters at bringing brands to life. Working in close collaboration with our Creative and Technical Directors, they create dynamic branded environments for stages, exhibit halls, and corporate interiors. The event space is a blank canvas on which your brand story will be told, and our Environmental Designers are equal part artists and storytellers.

Event Presentations

Presentation design is a vital tool for every great presenter. Our design team helps our clients refine their presentation content, boil down what goes on the slide versus what gets said, and design a visually compelling story.
Need help with the delivery? We can help you there too! We work behind the drape running the graphics, calling the show, and making edits on the fly.

Brand Activations

Brand activations are a key tool in our experience design toolbox, and we use them strategically to amplify specific messages. Combining the sophistication of our design teams with the tech-savvy and storytelling capabilities of our video unit, we create multi-dimensional and multi-sensory experiences that connect your audience to your content in exciting new ways.