Patient Communication & On-Boarding

Communication for the Entire Patient Journey

A global biopharmaceutical company wanted to provide comprehensive support for patients onboarding to a new treatment for a chronic neurological condition. Cramer developed a multichannel communications plan and online patient community that not only helped patients start therapy as prescribed, but also promoted resources to support them throughout their entire treatment journey. 

The Result 

The program has made a positive impact on patient retention. The client saw improved measures relating to a reduced time to start treatment and a longer time on product. And, patient engagement in the retention program is strong. The average unique user session in the online platform exceeded 7 minutes; well above the industry standard of just 2-3 minutes. Additionally, average email open rate, repeat visitor statistics, and direct mail conversion rate also far exceeded typical benchmarks.  

Ultimately, the communications plan and online patient community was a success in both driving business performance for the client while supporting patients in their health outcomes.  

* Kleinsinger F. The Unmet Challenge of Medication Nonadherence. Perm J. 2018;22:18-033. doi: 10.7812/TPP/18-033. PMID: 30005722; PMCID: PMC6045499. 

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