Bring Your Brand To Life

Video engages audiences like no other medium. The right message paired with the perfect visuals, music, and talent can take brand content and make it incredibly engaging and personal.

Cramer Motion Studios blends industry-leading video production capabilities with our strategy, creative, and production teams to create truly transformative video content.

For Screen or Stage

Whether you want an audience to laugh, cry, think deeper about an important issue—or simply be more aware of a topic—we’ll set the stage for their departure into another world. From feature-film style sets and direction, to our world-class animation studio, to immersive 360-degree video and mind-warping VR and AR experiences, we develop content capable of putting audiences’ minds and emotions at the center of each video experience.

Inside our studios are some of the East Coast’s largest and most sophisticated content production capabilities. Equipped with in-house sound stages, animation, editing, and audio suites, and powered by our full strategy, creative and production teams, we’re ready to tell the stories that will bring your brand to life.

Our cinematography reel


Pushing all boundaries in video

Through immersion into new realities, we bring brand stories to audiences in ways that have never been conceived before. We help you discover the potential for each of these technologies as a strategic and educational partner. We’re into the research and development of all new tech. We develop the content that puts your audiences at the center of the most powerful brand experience with the latest .

We help our clients elevate their live events and trade shows or bring your customers into the center of your story without ever having to leave their offices.