Dawn dish soap had just achieved a huge milestone. One worthy of a Grand Central-sized celebration. So, they called Cramer.

Dawn was marking 40 years of rescuing birds and animals affected by oil spills and environmental disasters. With more than 75,000 animals saved, they wanted to hold a press event and consumer experience in New York City’s Grand Central Station to mark the occasion.

The activation, designed to highlight four decades of campaigns and support—and capture the attention of cause-minded millennials and Gen-Z customers—included:

  • immersive multi-media experience complete with a mega-sized projection-mapped video animation, stretching from floor to ceiling enveloping curious commuters
  • GIF station
  • full press event featuring House of Cards star, Kate Mara

When consumers entered Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central—either by simply passing through or being directed by brand ambassadors holding blue Dawn balloons—their attention was immediately drawn to massive projections of animals sweeping across the ceiling.


It was a challenge trying to set up an experience of that size and complexity in a public space—while it’s still open to the public—and pull off a surprise for the hundreds and thousands of commuters that go through Grand Central Station. But, we did it, and it was incredibly inspirational and heartwarming.

Steve Johnson, Cramer’s Creative Director

To drive traffic to the activation, blue branded duck feet on the floor led visitors to a ​social media-sharing ​GIF station. From there they saw adorable ducklings to pose with for a more natural photo op, and a wall featuring static text and video of the brand’s campaign milestones. Consumers could also take photos against 20-foot-tall “Celebrating 40 Years Helping Save Wildlife” posters.

A key component of the anniversary activation was creating digital videos of the event—from load-in to the early-morning press event featuring actress Kate Mara to the consumer experience—with the goal of sharing on social platforms and expanding awareness and a shared love for nature’s wildlife.