Pivot Points is an events and content marketing podcast for real talk, with real people. Pull up a stool, grab a cold brew, and hear from today’s most innovative leaders in business, marketing, and live events — from Cramer’s very own studio.  

Episode 4: Level Up Your Investor Day

On this episode of Pivot Points, we are joined by Idalia Rodriguez, a Partner...


Episode 3: Finding Success With Trusted Partners

Kathleen Vadenais, VP of Meetings and Client Events at Fidelity joins us on this...


Episode 2: Embracing Change

Mike Sheehan has made a name for himself as the former CEO of The...


Episode 1: The Future Isn't Hybrid. It's Already Here.

Alon Alroy, Co-founder at Bizzabo, joins the Cramer team to share his perspective. Alon...