Creative Technology & Event Innovation

Staying Ahead in an Everchanging Landscape

Does it seem like technology is changing faster than ever? Everywhere you look, what’s new and sparkly today may be obsolete in a year. This is particularly true in the events industry, where changes in technology can be expensive and time-consuming. Thankfully, we have the Creative Technology team here at Cramer to help us stay nimble and anticipate disruption.

Artificial Intelligence Assistant

Midjourney Render

Elevating Broadcast

Broadcasting is continuing to innovate as it remains a major platform for virtual and hybrid audiences. With expertise in tools such as vMix, the Creative Technology team create flexible, efficient, and top-notch quality solutions, while maintaining extremely high production value for webcasts and on-demand records.  

Our Creative Technology team is passionate about possibilities. If there is a way to make a concept a reality, they’ll find it. And the collaboration goes both ways. The team is always researching and curating new solutions that inspire new thinking.

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