#FierceMadness: Follow the Pharma Competition with Cramer Health

March is a month for friendly competition as people across the country scramble to fill their March Madness brackets and best each other with their predictive capabilities.   

To the delight of our Health team, the pharmaceutical news outlet, Fierce Pharma, brought the competitive spirit of March Madness to the world of pharma advertising with its “Fierce Madness” campaign. Its Drug Name Tournament pits 64 drug names against each other, with voters asked to judge contestants not on the effectiveness of the therapy, but on the marketing merit of the name. The competition got the Cramer Health team talking, joking, and before we knew it, our coverage of the event took on a life of its own.  

Top 16

Top 8

Top 4

The Championship

The Winner

Cramer was founded by an Olympic athlete. And the Cramer Health team loves any opportunity to creatively engage with healthcare content. All of this put Fierce Madness directly in our sweet spot—presenting a perfect opportunity for fun and a chance to connect with other healthcare marketers in the industry. Enjoy!   

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