Introducing the Wonder Wall

Our Latest Mural Masterpiece

In the heart of Cramer HQ, a recently added 60-foot by 18-foot mural brings a vibrant new energy into the space. A collection of bright visuals and “Cramer-isms,” the piece represents our growth, achievements, and dynamic community in a way that’s impossible to miss.

But its purpose goes beyond aesthetics. It’s something of a creative anchor for the entire Cramer Team; a floor-to-ceiling visual reminder to think outside the box and embrace our individuality, because that’s where we have the most success.

Brad Harris, Cramer’s Managing Director of Design, hand-drew every illustration, adding several hidden ‘Easter eggs’ that personalize the piece and add an extra layer of connection. In the literal sense, there’s a nod to “Egg Day”, Cramer’s Thursday morning breakfast tradition.

The winged video tape in the upper-right corner is a callback to Cramer’s earliest days as a video production company. There’s also several references to our street address (425 University Ave.) as well as our founding year of 1982.

Curious how everyone reacted when they saw it for the first time? Check out this video for more on the Wonder Wall.

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