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Events That Embrace the Outdoors: 8 Stunning Outdoor Venue Locations

Letting the great outdoors help inspire your attendees and drive home your message.

There are few things as widely agreed upon as the beauty and allure of the outdoors. Vast landscapes, dramatic colors, calming serenity, the power to humble and refresh. There’s a certain something about those jaw-dropping natural vistas that innately evoke a physical response and engage every sense.

The Psychological Science Journal, among others, all report that spending more time outside: 

  • Improves short-term memory, vision, and concentration
  • Restores mental energy
  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Leads to sharper thinking and higher levels of creativity
  • Makes us more comfortable with new experiences
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves mental health
  • May increase lifespan and stimulate cancer-fighting proteins

It’s no wonder then that events and festivals worldwide are breaking out of the ballroom and embracing the great outdoors. Some using wide open natural vistas as their venues, and others taking inspiration from nature and bringing it right to their attendees on the show floor. 

We’re often times looking to the music and festival space to discover where to push the boundaries for conferences and meeting experiences, and we’ve discovered the following stunning outdoor venues to consider for your next business or industry event. 

1) Fort Punta Christo, Croatia

Fort Punto Christo is a mid-eighteen century fort on the Croatian coasts surrounding the town of Pula. For years it’s been the perfect space to host Dimensions Festival, but it could also be the perfect place for you next user conference.

2) Petrovaradin Fortress, Serbia

The annual home of Exit, EU Festival Awards Best Major European Festival,” this unique and majestic fortress is found in the Serbian city of Novi Sad. 

3) Portmeirion Village, Wales

Welsh music festival, Festival No.6, sets its stage each year in the stunning Italian-styled village of Portmeirion on the Snowdonia coast. 

4) Mont Tremblant Ski Resort

Quaint European village styled Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, in Québec, Canada, is home each year to festivals, events, races and more, the likes of Wanderlust, International Blues Festival, and Subaru Iron Man. 

5) Gorge Amphitheatre, Washington

One of the Unites States’ most treasured event venues, you would be hard-pressed to find a more breath-taking backdrop to a main stage event than at the Gorge Amphitheater. 

6) Lovrijenac Fortress, Croatia

Game of Thrones fans rejoice. Westeros’ Kings Landing just so happens to be set in the spectacular seaside village of Dubrovnik, Croatia and its Lovrijenac Fortress is open for event business, including the A-fest Croatia after-party 

7) Wagner Park, Colorado

Each year, the crème de la crème of foodie festivals, the Food & Wine Classic sets its tent posts in Aspen, Colorado’s Wagner Park, with the stunning Aspen Mountain summer slopes for its backdrop. 

8) Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Iceland’s famous Blue Lagoon is less than 20-minutes from Reykjavik international airport and with plenty of beautiful accommodations, cafes, bars, and restaurants all surrounding the stunning lagoon, it’s the perfect place to host an event your employees or attendees will never forget. 

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