event-technology 2016: Trends and Takeaways


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Event planners are busy people. We understand. In an effort to save you time and look like a rock star, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide – the 2016 Event Technology Landscape.

Event technology has evolved at a rapid pace. Below are the key trends and takeaways that we have gathered as a result of our research:

Event “Management” Software Becomes Event “Intelligence” Software

Companies like Cvent, who have long lived atop the world of attendee registration and management, have made big moves to acquire and build the capabilities to better understand your audience through the use of data intelligence.

In 2012 Cvent acquired CrowdCompass, the mobile app company for events. And in 2015, they acquired AllianceTech, the RFID attendee tracking experts. Combined, Cvent now owns all of the data points to tell your entire event story; from registration and check-in (Cvent), to session attendance and dwell time (AllianceTech), to attendee comments and sentiment (CrowdCompass). Investing in event intelligence is becoming increasingly important, and fortunately, increasingly more simple.

Traditional ARS is Dead, Long Live Audience Engagement

Audience response systems, which utilize rented click pads, are reaching the end of their era. If you are still limiting yourself to multiple choice keypads and terribly rendered interactive powerpoint slides, it’s time to move on.

The truth is, everyone should have access to a smartphone, an app store, and the internet, and with those three things comes a host of better options. Among our favorites are SpotMe, Conferences.io and Poll Everywhere. Give them a try, and don’t look back.

If You Live Stream Events, Do it in 360° Virtual Reality

If you are looking for bleeding edge, this is what to do. Swap out your live streaming gear for a 360 degree video rig and stream your most important sessions live in 360 degree virtual reality.

Instantly transport your prospects and top clients from their office into your general session, place them center stage, everyone gets a front row seat, and better yet- their sense of presence and memory will convince them they were there. Make an impression.

To further explore the who’s who of vendors and solutions in the world of event technology, download a copy of the 2016 Event Technology Landscape.