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How Real-Time Projection Mapping is Now Ready to Revolutionize Corporate Events

There is an emerging technology that is going to change the way that speakers, audiences, and environments all engage with one another. It’s going to add the wow” factor once reserved for premier concerts and Super Bowl halftime shows. It has transformed the performance industry by adding a new dimension of creativity, and now it’s ready to rock the world of live corporate events.

Real-time projection mapping — also called dynamic projection mapping — is now ready for its next frontier. 

Take a look inside our studio as Cramer’s R&D team gets hands-on, and unleashes the visual, technical, and content-driven power of real-time projection mapping. 

In this video you will see how we partnered with DWP LIVE and applied BlackTrax technology to prototype new event, meeting, and conference experiences. 

For global brands, their biggest events, and their biggest live stages, we are now tapping this technology to invent and craft dynamic, interactive stories. We are working on experiences that transcend anything an audience has seen before,“ says Mark Wilson, Cramer’s executive creative director. This is a brand new way to think, and a brand new way to tell stories.” 

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