11 Types of Video To Fuel Field Marketing

Field marketers' toolbox just got smaller. Video is the answer.

Before everyone’s lives were turned upside down, field marketing had a really effective array of tools to draw on. Their job is to interact with customers to raise awareness, educate, and influence them towards a purchase decision. So, roadshows, mobile tours, live events, trade shows, conferences, and in-person meetings were staplesFor the foreseeable future, in-person has given way to online. It’s a trend that has been happening at the top of the funnel for a while. Most B2B buyers do extensive online research before engaging with a company.  

What happens now that all customer interactions have gone digital? Competition. That’s what happens. Competition for attention. And it’s not just from your business rivals. Buyers are swamped by online information. All this content is creating information overload. Media feeds and inboxes are flooded right now. 

What is the number one tool to help field marketers break through?  Video.  

The “why” is backed by scienceWe know the medium is effective. But it is only as good as the content and production. It has to be relevant to the audience and matched to the most appropriate format. 

Here are 11 ways to look at video to connect with customers and deliver important messages  

1. Explainer video 

An explainer videos is short (30-90 seconds) and break down something that is complicated. It’s great for step-by-step instructions but can also be used to walk a customer through concepts or processes.  

2. Behind-the-scenes

Bringing customers into areas of the company they might not see is effective in building confidence in your brand. It can be a tour of the headquarters, a laboratory, a customer call center, or an operations center.

3. Customer anthem

Everyone wants to be appreciated. Creating a short video that acknowledges your customer’s importance to the industry and your partnership goes a long way.  

4.  Webinar

Webinars are expected to deliver practical information. Customers are open to watching as long as they get something of value.    

5. Testimonials

This is a time-honored marketing tool because it’s effective. Consider different formats beyond “talking heads” to really let your customer shine.  

6. Virtual fly-throughs

When customers can’t come to your executive center, lab, headquarters, or innovation hub, take it to them. This 3-D experience is interactive and engaging.  

7. Interactive video 

These are sometimes called “chose your own adventure.” It’s an approach that lets the audience (your customer) experience a scenario and choose different paths. This is very effective in group settings, which can be accomplished as part of a virtual event.  

8. Live video

Livestreaming a presentation or a Q&A gives a sense of urgency to the information. It becomes an event (hosted on a platform like LinkedIn) you can invite customers to and then an on-demand asset.  

9. Animated infographic

Visuals appeal to our brains. Visuals that move do even better. You can take an existing infographic and turn it into an even more dynamic asset. Above is a video we did to bring a client’s inforgraphic to life!

10. Interview

Taping an interview with a subject matter expert and then sharing with customers is a fresh way to share complex information.  

11. e-Abstract

Is there a scientific paper or journal article that your customers would know about but may not take the time to read?  Try a “highlight” reel of the important points and video of an expert putting it into the context of your offering.  

Video is a powerful tool that increases click-through rates, sharing, and engagement.  When you can’t be face-to-face, it’s also the best way to keep the connection personal. And at the end of the day, connecting with customers is what field marketing is all about.  


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