Live Social Video

Although the idea of live video streaming is far from new, integrating the medium with live experiences, social media, and mobile devices pushes it to the forefront of marketing. It packages the immediacy—the now-ness—of live presentation, the reach and engagement of social, and the sensory impact of video. It’s not just a broadcast tool, but a shared brand-client experience. It is as close to direct one-to-one, face-to-face human interaction as one can digitally get. Your audience wants novelty, yes. But more importantly, they want experiences of personal significance, and they want them first hand.

The brands who are best prepared to strategically plan, professionally present their live social streaming events, then actively listen, and rapidly respond to their audiences and partners, will be the ones who benefit the most.

In our most recent whitepaper, we’ll give you the tools, technique and examples you need to incorporate live social video into your marketing strategies, regardless of your industry.

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