Content Marketing: How to Get Started

Your brand needs to have a strong digital presence – you know, you know! But how do you earn and maintain the attention of your target audience?

We’ve leaned on TV broadcasts to set the example for virtual events, and now businesses are looking to the entertainment experts for our content too. Thanks to platforms like Netflix and HBO Max, our world has come to expect content that captures attention, captivates the mind, and leaves you hungry for more.

So where do you start? Blockbuster Marketing, an idea introduced by Jon Lombardo, Global Head of Research at LinkedIn. The idea is to take what the entertainment giants do best: monetize your creativity and apply it to your marketing strategies.

To do so, all your content should follow a franchise-like style. Think Baby Yoda. Disney uses the same piece of creative (the character) and recycles it over and over. There is the show on Disney+. There are the toys. There are the memes. Just one piece of creative grows Disney’s brand awareness and grows its revenue in multiple channels.

To do this start by defining your brand voice. What is authentically YOU? From there, you need to build out a consistent distinctiveness. What will your brand look and feel like?

A strong B2B example is Salesforce.  The brand has a strong visual foundation that they use consistently across every platform. No matter what the content is, you know instantly that it comes from Salesforce.  While the style may be too whimsical for many companies, it is a lesson in effectively recognizable branding.

Content Marketing Brand Voice Example: Salesforce Branding

Once you have identified your “franchise” from look and feel to tone and voice, you are ready for the next step. Look to build big recurring content: a yearly round-up, a trends report, or an event. Then it’s time to break it down. Turn your report into an eBook. Use the data to inform a webinar. Cut large event presentations into smaller thinkpieces and produce a series of blogs. Be creative and be resourceful.

To break through the noise and earn the attention of your clients and prospects, make your content “binge-worthy” by building it into a franchise. Where to start? Start with your brand identity.

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