Stand Out with a LinkedIn Video Marketing Strategy: Part One

And Why It Works

LinkedIn video is hot.

Marketers are finding it’s an effective way to build brand awareness and increase ROI. What better place to post brand marketing videos than a B2B platform purposefully built to connect professionals?

And LinkedIn has the stats to prove it:

  • Videos are shared 20 times more than other types of content on the platform.
  • 87% of LinkedIn video marketers say it’s been an effective channel for them.
  • 73% of B2B marketers say videos have a positive impact on their marketing ROI.
  • 54% of executives share videos with their colleagues weekly.

The Four Most Successful Videos on LinkedIn

1. Product Videos

Product demo videos enable potential clients to see what the product is, how it works, as well as features and benefits, prior to making the investment. They empower your audience to make up their own mind on their own time without the pressure of a sales person trying to pitch them.

2. Video Case Studies

Case studies show that your company’s service or product solves problems. Use case studies to focus on your client’s goal, their challenge, your process, execution, success, and final results. Including testimonials from happy customers is a bonus.

3. How-To Videos

The most impactful how-to videos don’t mention a product or service at all. Think about the problems your prospects might be trying to solve and show them how to do just that. Give them the tips and tricks only a seasoned professional would know, sans sales pitch. That may seem counter-intuitive but establishing your brand as a trusted partner and thought leader speaks volumes. We have a whole series of how-to videos that do just that.

4. Live Videos

Broadcasting live directly from LinkedIn is an engaging way to give your audience an authentic, behind-the-scenes look at your company. Live videos are a great way to show brand personality and corporate culture. Let your audience meet the team, tour your office space, see how you do things. Transparency is key. An added bonus, live video also enables your audience to interact with your brand in real time.

Quality Over Quantity

Unlike most social media platforms, think quality over quantity when it comes to video marketing on LinkedIn. The filming, scripting, and editing of your video reflect your brand so they have to be sharp. Make sure to put in the time and effort or find a partner that can do it for you.

Next time, we’ll share the #1 production insight unique to LinkedIn that can change everything. Now more than ever, every online touch-point creates a lasting impression of your brand. Make every frame count.