4 Videos We Can’t Get Enough Of This Year

The successful pivot to virtual events has relied heavily on videoBut many people don’t realize the major shift corporate filmmakers have been forced to make. Our own team has transitioned from being able to film anywhere in the world to socially-distant studio shoots or remote records. And our clients have been just as flexible and innovative. Together, we’ve created engaging content despite the endless challenges 2020 has thrown our way 

Today, we look back on 4 video projects that inspired us this year: 

1. SOLIDWORKS Transform with Us series  

SOLIDWORKS needed to convince reluctant engineers and designers that change is positive – and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform moving to the cloud was a good thing. Our team conceived and created six different visual anecdotes illustrating the progression of technology and how it has changed us for the better. Think 80’s video game graphics to high-res displays on our phones.  

The team did not shy away from the dramatics for this two-day shoot – our studio was painted fire-engine red and then overnight it was transformed into a cobalt blue playground. We had actors on bikes, 3 bright red cars, 2 mad scientists, an old typewriter, vintage video games, and countless camera angles.  

2. Ciena GM Commitment Videos 

Recognition is a vital part of any sales meeting but keeping awards nights fresh is a constant challengeWith a client willing to think outside the box, we transformed a run of the mill awards presentation into a rallying cry for sales teams across the globe. Our team put the pen to paper (literally) and, using paper cut outs, and the power of light, created six unique stories for the respective award-winning sales teams from around the globe. 

3. Mini Documentary on SOLIDWORKS Spaceship  

Six weeks. 250 people. One spaceship. We followed a global team of 250 people as they worked simultaneously to create a spaceship from scratch. This series utilized every style of COVID-safety video production. We used our in-house (social-distant) studio to interview key designers both in-person and virtually. Each team of designers recorded themselves live during their design stages.  

4. 3DX WORLD Open Video  

We are often asked to create open videos highlighting a single product and its launch. This time, our team was tasked with creating a video about opportunity, childhood dreams, and the potential we all have. And we took advantage of it. For this iconic video, we followed 4 different stories from their childhood aspirations to achieving that dream. This video, created for the big screen, was cinematic and inspiring.  

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