Next Generation User Conference Examples

If attending user conferences is an important part of your job description, it might feel like just picking the right shows to attend is a job in and of itself.

Welcome to the new era of user conferences

The increasingly cluttered space where event marketers are using every engagement trick in the book to create the conference that today’s most in-demand attendees will flock to, year after year.

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User conference attendees today are being pulled in more directions than ever before thanks to a combination of a strong economy, unprecedented growth across the technology sector, an influx of up-and-coming (and younger) customer bases and new cultural expectations that are driving b-to-b brands to refine and redefine their traditional events.

B-to-B brands are also getting savvier about how they use technology and the data it creates to laser target the types of attendees they need, and devise new and exciting events to attract them. The result is exponential growth in user conferences of all stripes, and an industry-wide imperative to change up the conference format that may have been effective a decade ago, but won’t cut it in today’s highly competitive landscape.

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In this white paper, the experts at Cramer take you inside their next-gen playbook for an in-depth overview of the five key areas that can make the biggest impact on your user events: engagement, theme, technology, community and a start-up spirit.

Go beyond the ballroom, get on the cutting edge of using marketing technology to drive audience engagement, and transform disjointed communities into loyal, vocal tribes.

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