From Innovation Labs to Attendee Engagement, Here’s What Cramer Presented at the 2017 Experiential Marketing Summit

During the 2017 edition of Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS), Cramer took the stage to wrap up Day One of the conference.

Danielle Gorman, account director here at Cramer, and David Polinchock, a former director of both the PwC’s Experience Center and the AT&T’s Innovation Lab, presented and discussed the following session:

Using ‘Innovation Labs’ to Amp Up Attendee Engagement

During their presentation, our speakers explored the big trends and examples behind why brands are expanding their investments into their own labs, innovation hubs and experience center. Our attendees walked away with strategies, examples, and a sense of the fun and engaging experiences that can be created by tapping into their brand’s internal labs.

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You will also be able to catch a recap of this session, plus our key takeaways and themes from EMS 2017, on an upcoming edition of our podcast.

If you are looking to tap into this opportunity within your own organization, let us know.

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