Translating Research Findings Into Short, Scientific Videos

Visualizing Medical Publications

A global biopharmaceutical company was seeking a way to share relevant findings from published research with neurologists in a way that was both informative and concise. We combined our ability to explain complicated science with strategic design and video to tell a data-dense story in a condensed, people-centric way.

The Situation:

Today’s clinicians are overloaded and pressed for time. To deliver the best care to patients, they need to stay up to date with medical research. But it’s hard to dedicate the necessary time and attention outside of patient care to find, review, and absorb relevant studies.

Our client seeks to answer this need by arming clinicians with focused, digestible information that enables them to make informed treatment decisions with their patients.

The client selected a series of recent research articles from medical journals that are most relevant to their audience: neurologists. With Cramer’s strengths in explaining complicated science and creating video, they asked us to create short, animated videos summarizing each data-dense paper in just a few minutes.

The Strategy

The videos needed to summarize key findings from the publication while still providing important details around study design, methods, and data analysis. The goal was to help promote the research and give clinicians a solid understanding of its analysis and conclusions. The video directed the clinicians to the publication if they wanted to read it in full.

Our team of medical content and design specialists worked together to digest the study and come up with a visual theme that would support the content and overall theme of the study. The team relied on data visualization techniques to simplify complicated research, such as creating a wayfinding system, which allowed the video to present many layers of data at once in a way that was easily digestible for the viewer. The videos strategically balanced voiceover and visuals to bring the story to life. View the video below to see how we turned one publication into a visual narrative.

The Solution

The final videos were kept to five minutes or less and were distributed to a global sales team.   The videos gave the sales reps an opportunity to add value to their client relationships while gaining an opportunity to make a meaningful connection with HCPs.

Our client was impressed by the team’s ability to quickly digest the topics and clearly and accurately explain complicated science to an expert audience. The final videos supported several audiences: our clients’ sales reps, clinicians, and ultimately the patients whom they serve.

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