Northeastern University

Celebrating the History and Future in One Moment

Cramer created an experience for Northeastern University's most important donors and community members to celebrate their “Empower” campaign and its $1.4 billion success.

Northeastern University wanted to honor the culminating moment for their 10-year long “Empower” campaign. They partnered with Cramer to design an event worthy of the 1.4 billion dollars raised.

This event served as the moment of appreciation for all those that make the Northeastern culture so strong. The student groups that performed represented what each dollar raised would contribute to. The videos we produced showcased why many donated to this worthy cause.

For us, the challenge here was not in the technical capabilities required to pull this event off. Instead, it was the challenge of internalizing over one hundred years of history and understanding it on an intimate level.

We had to quickly understand the story and the brand that Northeastern held dear to their heart. This event told a really comprehensive story. And an authentic story. One that we had to read the history books to understand.

And the activations held throughout the venue let the community come together and honor the impact Northeastern had on their lives.

Needless to say, they were ready to go big and bold. And so were we.

Picture of Northeastern University gym transformed into an elegant event space

“It's an incredible reward when we move a client to tears. The president of Northeastern was so impressed with the way we transformed that gym into an elegant community gathering worthy of 1.4 billion dollars.”  

Ann Lawerence, Cramer's Senior Producer for Northeastern

Cramer transformed the turf-covered, all-glass Cabot Auditorium into an immersive theater environment encompassing:

Next-Gen technology

  • 180’ screen with immersive content, using the Millumin system.

Video content

  • Opening video supporting 10-minute student performance including drone footage.
  • Empower video animation chronicling NU’s history.
  • Portrait videos where students discuss the impact fundraising had on them.
  • Fundraising Reveal video showing the grand total with virtual fireworks and animation.

Brand activations

  • Outfitted 8 Activations from different NU programs with displays focusing on Robotics, Social Change, VR, and Nano Medicine.

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