Staging the Wow Factor

These mind-blowing visuals opened Hexagon’s conference with a bang, and the live-streaming hooked thousands more from 83 different countries.

As an industry leader, cutting-edge technology is a must for all Hexagon events. HxGN LIVE! was expected to be the biggest, boldest one yet— taking projection mapping to new heights.

The MGM Grand is a legendary arena in Las Vegas that is known for its A-List performers. The seats rise high above giving every attendee a view of the stage. To us, it seemed like a no-brainer to turn the entire stage into a screen.

We knew this would be a technical feat requiring a true team effort and process-oriented approach to bring this event to life. Every inch was vital to our content. Render after render, we finally decided to build a scale model that would ensure the precision we needed to pull this off.

Creating a Screen That Knows No Bounds

It wasn’t until we arrived on set that we recognized the true innovation and power of our set. As we were installing the 17 stacks of projectors that would power the content, a projection-mapping partner we worked with told us, “we worked on the Beyoncé show last night, and your set is way better.

We designed a dynamic set with 7 projection zones, allowing us to create a projection-mapping experience unlike anything done before. The mind-blowing visuals opened Hexagon’s conference with a bang, and the live streaming microsite hooked in over 7,000 viewers from 83 different countries.

But we didn’t stop at the opening video. We created all media and content for the conference. Each speaker presented on a set that was as lively as the last. They heard their voices boom through the arena on an audio system that used subwoofers the size of cars. Talk about an impactful moment.

The Advantage of Our Studio Model

Our studio model allows us to pull off a show this complex. Having technical directors, environmental designers, and animators all in the same office, allows for seamless collaboration to really push the boundaries of what’s possible.


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