Cramer X


For 20+ years SOLIDWORKS and Cramer have partnered on 3DEXPERIENCE World, an annual user conference with some of the world’s most enthusiastic attendees. But engaging a rabid fan base every year isn’t easy. Keeping things fresh, without compromising what fans love, requires the right strategy, creative vision, and partnership. All of which we use to create amazing out of the ballroom experiences, hours of video, and jaw-dropping mainstage experiences.

Special thanks to the company that is the soul and importantly the heart of this event, the organization called Cramer. They did an amazing job, they’ve been with us for a long time and they truly understand our spirit. That’s why together—together with all our employees, together with Cramer, together with you—we are able to create such unforgettable events.

Gian Paolo Bassi

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