Boston Scientific Endoscopy NSM

Going From Typical to Original

National Sales Meetings are more than just a kick-off to a new year. They are a moment to celebrate culture, and for Boston Scientific Endoscopy – a winning culture. Typical NSM’s span multiple days with countless hours spent in breakout sessions and the ballroom. The sales teams fit client calls between product training and celebrate their team’s successes at Awards Night. 

However, a virtual NSM is anything but typical. And at Cramer we know virtual events do not have to be boring. When transitioning your in-person event to virtual we recommend adjusting three key components of the event.

First, the agenda. We all know Zoom fatigue is real. To ensure optimal attention, we shortened the agenda to be a 90-minute program. We removed product training sessions, breakout sessions, and networking events. Instead, we focused on the key pillars for the upcoming year, ensuring that attendees would walk away with tangible pieces of information.

Second, the format. We drew inspiration from pop culture programs like ‘Around the Horn’ to build sessions that were meant for TV. An SNL-style entrance, a 3-part Home Alone inspired series, and “commercials” throughout created a captivating program. High-energy giveaways during the event, kept team members engaged from start to finish. Pro Tip: Look at your virtual event as a TV broadcast.

Lastly, the culture. Celebrating top achievers is fundamental component of the BSC culture. However, a Zoom happy hour is not the same as an in-person awards night. Instead, we produced a full red-carpet awards night complete with paparazzi opportunities, fun video segments, and big-ticket giveaway items. We completed the night by bringing a live stream of finalists on the screen for their reactions.

Celebrating culture, building connections

By shortening sessions, having high energy hosts, and utilizing all four LED walls that Cramer`s Studio A has, Boston Scientific Endoscopy was able to show their new products, interact with their audience, and create a show stopping red carpet finisher.  

6 hours of live broadcast and 10 unique videos later, Boston Scientific Endoscopy`s NSM was a hit, reaching over 667 unique viewers.

A year into the pandemic, virtual experiences are continuing to pave the way for events, and they aren’t slowing down soon. Your attendees deserve more than a zoom call, they deserve an event to remember. Cramer was able to do just that for Boston Scientific Endoscopy.

With virtual events the sky really is the limit.

Image of two people discussing a topic at the Boston Scientific Endoscopy virtual national sales meeting

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