Take Virtual Event Sponsorships to the Next Level

Sponsorships Just Got More Effective

Event marketers are a savvy bunch. Digital sponsorships have long been a part of the mix, combined with physical sponsorships at in-person events. Now that the industry is razor-focused on virtual events, and many of those events being free for the time being, it’s time to get more out of sponsorships.    

The good news is that the digital environment is well suited to both sponsorship opportunities and validation. Sponsors want to know their investment will work. Virtual events, by their very nature, are optimized for analytics. The platforms are built with reporting so you can view and share attendee engagement, like registration numbers, attendance, viewing time, level of engagement, clicks, comments and overall activity. That kind of data is irresistible to prospective sponsors. 

Here are some ideas for incorporating sponsors into your virtual event 


  • Include links to sponsors websites on the invitation as well as the event microsite. 
  • Create a teaser video to boost registration that incorporates sponsors’ logos. Share it on social media and include it on the evite.
  • It’s important to prepare the audience for the experience with a step by step on how to use the platform. And it’s a sponsorship opportunity. 
  • Event bags have gone virtual. Your sponsors can provide special offers and personalized information.  


  • The event app is the perfect spot for branded banners, sponsored messages or push notifications. 
  • Logos can be front and center on the set backdrop or lower portion of the screen.
  • “This breakout is brought to you by [sponsor]!” 
  • Invite sponsors to be part of a panel discussion.
  • A sponsored Q&A ensures the sponsor’s brand is part of the interaction with attendees. 
  • Simple “Thank you slides with sponsor logos during intermissions/breaks, and at end of broadcast are very effective. 
  • Even the transitions between speakers can be branded with sponsor logos. 
  • Pick an activity and it’s a candidate for sponsorship from polls, games, and raffles to networking to the virtual cocktail hour. 
  • Sponsors can moderate breakout discussions or co-present.  


  • Send attendees a highlight video from the event, thanking them for attending, along with a save-the-date for future event. Incorporate a thank you to sponsors in that video. 
  • Provide ongoing sponsorship signage on the site where the event’s on-demand content is available. 

Virtual events are transforming the way companies connect with customers. Your sponsors are your partners in this journey. And with the right offers, it’s a win-win all around.