Virtual Reality Untethered – The Samsung Gear VR Experience

Inside Samsung Gear VR of course! The latest in consumer ready virtual reality technology to hit the market, the Samsung Gear VR takes an incredible leap forward for mobile marketing applications. In the nerd-centric spirit of hacking and tinkering with every fun new gadget making waves in the market, Cramer had to have one. But first, grab a beer with Brutus the grizzly. It’s 360 degree video, so just click and drag your way through the experience!

This fun video shot by Dryft Digital, was originally developed for the Oculus Rift but looks just as stunning on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 smartphone. Not too long ago, we posted about our experiences with both Oculus Rift DK2 and Google Carboard/DodoCase VR for smartphones. Samsung Gear VR bridges the gap between the two. It’s like the mobile version of Rift.

Anyone who’s been following along with the exciting developments in virtual reality over the past few years would remember when the Oculus Rift first hit the scene. It featured a video of the game experience, “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.” That’s the one where one person is wearing the headset attempting to diffuse a bomb, and onlookers are reading and relaying instructions on how to do it. Samsung Gear VR takes this a step further by untethering the experience.

Advanced virtual reality gaming and brand experiences can now happen anywhere. Think trade show floors, ballroom meetings, outdoor concert venues, airport terminals, coffee shops, or even farmers’ markets. The Gear VR headset brings VR experiences to wherever your audience may be, and in stylistic, non-cardboard fashion. But that’s not to say you won’t still look a little funny while inside the experience.

Especially interesting about the Gear VR, is that unlike the Oculus Rift, Samsung isn’t hanging its hat on a VR platform. Instead, it merely entered the market to develop an accessory to a smartphone. A really awesome accessory. Gear VR is like Halo to Xbox – a reason to buy. And we bought.

It feels like some new virtual reality gadget or game makes the news weekly if not daily, but that doesn’t stop us from getting excited about it. As obsessively curious marketers and event tech geeks, we can’t stop exploring the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of brand experiences. And beyond having beers with bears, we’re already developing mobile VR experiences for our clients on both the Oculus and Gear VR platforms. These are exciting times to be an event marketer!

Aside from the amazing new experiential marketing opportunities that Samsung Gear VR unlocks, we’re also very excited because this takes us one step closer to a real Pawculus Rift. One can dream.