INBOUND: Pioneering the New Normal for Corporate Events

With INBOUND 2020, HubSpot is helping define what a new normal should feel like for events—and we’re not talking about their move to a virtual event setting. From the inclusive language used in their registration process to the wide range of representation they had in a star-studded speaker line-up, it was clear that this year’s INBOUND team was actively focused on diversity and inclusion.

HubSpot’s commitment to inclusivity was clear right out of the gate. Offering alternatives to traditional gender designations on the registration form has been gaining in popularity recently, but INBOUND took things a step further by also asking attendees to disclose their pronouns (he/ she/her/they). While publicly sharing such preferences is the norm in many settings, it signals an important evolution in the corporate events world.

INBOUND’s dedication to inclusivity went beyond the attendee experience; it extended to speaker representation as well. And, as pointed out in this EventMB article by Keneisha Williams, such a move is important because, “Diversity is not just about representation, it’s about allowing everyone to benefit from the richness in knowledge and experience that comes from different perspectives.” The INBOUND team’s commitment to representation on their stages showed their dedication to ensuring their audience received a stronger experience by showcasing diverse thinking and brilliance across industries. (A sentiment shared here at Cramer.)

INBOUND provided a platform for people like Ty Heath, Global Lead, The B2B Institute @ LinkedIn and author of “Marketers of Tomorrow: A Step by Step Toolkit for Inbound Marketing” to share her expertise and perspective. We should be seeing this more often where black professionals are speaking to their expertise and experience beyond the topic of diversity. The line-up included speakers that all audience members could identify with, which left an impact

Overall, INBOUND stands out as a strong example where we hope the events industry is heading. Thank you to HubSpot for acknowledging the need for change and helping to set those wheels in motion. To those of you looking to build your next event, we urge you to follow HubSpot’s lead and actively look for ways to make all your attendees feel supported and represented.