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Experiential Packaging

When a brand experience arrives at your doorstep.

Luxury packaging has been around for decades, but major brands are taking that idea to the next level, targeting consumers with experiential packaging that’s delivering brand experiences to their doorsteps. You might call it the gift that keeps on giving — on both ends. 

Puma, for example, targeted star youth soccer players with what they call boots on the soccer field,” their newest cleat product in a new PUMA Pitch loyalty program (Cramer, handled). They shipped players the cleats, but rather than use a simple cardboard shoebox, they shipped them in a special package with a padlock on it and riddle hidden inside an anthem imprinted on the case. Essentially, in order to get the boots out, the players needed to engage with the brand. Inside the box, players not only found the cleats, they received temporary tattoos and other small gifts that heightened the experience. 

Kit Kat in Japan transformed packaging for consumers with holograms depicting the popular boy band DISH//. The campaign, designed to surprise and delight students during exam time, allowed people to send the candy to students to wish them luck” and, perhaps, give them a little sugary and immersive lift, while hitting the books. The packaging included a clear plastic shape that they could mold into an upside-down pyramid, then place directly on their smartphone. While playing special YouTube videos of the band, with the lights turned down, a hologram would appear.

Brands are taking experiential packing to the retail level, too. Godiva last December launched a chocolate box that can be shared four times through elegant nesting doll”-style packaging that began with 16 chocolates with an additional box to share, and continued and reduced in size until the final available share” of two chocolates. The special edition gift sets were made available through the holidays. 

Triticum bread maker capitalized on the emotional connection consumers have to smell, creating packing for its box with perforations and scent that allows consumers to have the feeling of purchasing freshly baked artisan produce. Martell cognac brand for a limited edition product called La French Touch, released special packaging that transforms into Google Cardboard that enabled consumers to play a 360-video game, where they fly a swift bird, the brand’s Martell House symbol, from Cognac to China, earning points along the way. 

Quite the buzz generator, in more ways than one. 

Trend When a brand experience arrives at your doorstep.

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