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The Important Audience Your Content Marketing Is Ignoring

Every company says that employees are their lifeblood. Their most important resource. Yet, companies often overlook the power of content marketing for their employee recruitment programs.

Attracting and hiring employees is a top challenge and expense for most companies. According to Bounty Jobs, headhunter fees are now at 21.5% of an employee’s first year salary, up from 19.5% in 2009. With unemployment at its lowest rate in years, the competition for top talent is only getting fiercer. 

Content marketing that complements existing recruitment efforts can set a company apart from its competition and be relatively easy to create. When a job seeker learns about a job posting whether through a job board, referral or head hunter, one of the first places they will go to conduct more research is the company’s website. There, the job seeker should be able to easily understand the prospective company’s culture and find tailored content that drives interest in the role, spurring them to take the next step. 

Enterprise Holdings is highly focused on new recruits

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a company that successfully hires over 8,000 college graduates a year. The Enterprise website focuses content on culture and social responsibility, and educates on their unique management training program that has successfully launched many careers, including their CEO’s! They know what millennials value, which is being part of a strong culture and having an impact, so they highlight those values in their content. 

Likewise, HP is an innovative company, and they aim to hire innovative people. Their jobs and careers site reflects this perfectly. The imagery, featuring young, smart people engaged in conversation, evokes the emotion that you could make a difference in the world through a career at HP. 

Starbucks, a company often recognized as a best employer to work for, refers to their employees as partners,’ and demonstrates the potential for career growth within the company. They segment their online content to both early career seekers and those who have more experience, catering different messages to each category.

Starbucks gives job-seekers the opportunity to be more than an employee

Some ideas of the types of content that can help prospective employees learn more about your company and drive the right employees in your direction are:

  • A mission statement reflecting on how the company matters in the lives of its customers. Communicate your purpose.
  • A description of the different departments, how they collaborate, and how they make an impact.
  • A video wherein the CEO discusses issues important to the company and industry, and how employees make the difference.
  • Produce day-in-the-life” videos featuring key employees, especially in roles you are hiring for.
  • Be transparent with your current talent. Show off the team they will be joining.
  • Write, post, and share articles about your industry as a whole, highlighting the issues your prospects will care about.
  • Publicize and promote your onboarding practices and processes, assuming they are top-notch.

Companies can benefit from the use of content marketing in their recruitment of prospective employees. Even small changes can reap big rewards. If your efforts result in more referrals or inbound applications, fewer hiring cycles, and ultimately reduce your need for a headhunter by a few percent, the effort will pay for itself. 

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