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Stop Overthinking Live Social Video, Just Do It

If you’re not connecting with your audience using live video across social platforms, you’re likely overcomplicating it and definitely missing out.

Live streaming. It’s not just for teenagers on Snapchat and makeup tutorial stars on YouTube. In fact, live streaming events, conferences, and presentations has a number of benefits for brands and marketers.

From increasing your audience reach to promoting content and creating additional streams of revenue, here are some of the most compelling reasons to get off the fence and dive into the wonderful world of live social video.

You Don’t Need Sleek Production Value or a Script to Live Stream

The important thing to keep in mind is that a live stream is an opportunity to share the events and content you’re already producing with a broader and more diverse audience.

Rather than thinking of it as an event in and of itself that requires additional planning and resources, think of live streaming as an additional tool to add to your existing marketing and branding arsenal.

Serious, it doesn’t have to be over-produced. In fact, you will see audience engagement rise when your videos feel unrehearsed and real. This is a way to humanize your brand and build trust.

Benefits of Live Streaming Conferences, Meetings, and Presentations for Marketers and Brands

Whatever your short and long term goals, live streaming your events and content should play a role in your inbound marketing strategy.

According to Marketing Week, live streaming is one of the best ways for marketers and brands to build authenticity with audiences, as well as existing and potential customers.

As more traditional (and expensive) forms of advertising lose their clout and effectiveness with modern consumers and audiences who are looking for greater authenticity and connection with the brands and content they care about, live streaming offers marketers and event producers an opportunity to engage their target market on several fronts and with fewer resources.

Distribute Your Content and Events to a Larger and More Diverse Audience

Live streaming is the new televised broadcast — without the considerable costs and technical constraints that come with television productions.

Whether you produce live events and would like to open them up to more attendees across borders and time zones, or are looking to keep things strictly digital, a live stream can help you reach more people across more regions and platforms than most other mediums.

Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram are currently favoring live video and will promote the stream to more people than a regular post and in doing so a live video might stop someone in their endless feed scrolling tracks and capture a new prospect or customer that may not have entered your world otherwise.

Create New Leads and Potential Revenue

Live streamed material provides another avenue for premium content that can be used to attract and convert new and existing leads.

Whether you decide to charge for some or all of your live streamed content or choose to offer it for free, live streams add value by attracting leads and charging for access if you so choose.

A good approach is to mix it up by charging for live streamed access to conferences and premium events and offering access to presentations and smaller scale events for free.

Easy to Use and Accessible Live Streaming Tools

One of the benefits of live streaming is that not only is it relatively easy to do, but some of the most common and popular tools make it easy to distribute your video content through your existing social media channels. 

Some of the top free live streaming tools include:

Getting Your Company’s Live Social Video Program Off the Ground

If your company or agency has been slow to get on the live stream train and you’re wondering whether it’s too late or too complicated to get started, consider the old Chinese proverb: 

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

Rather than wasting time and momentum on unnecessary strategizing” or complicated programming, choose the best live streaming tool for your needs (it’s OK to engage in a little trial and error until you find the app that works best for you) and designate an event to kick off your live streaming efforts.

Pro tip: Start small with something like a meet the team or an office tour, and just hit record. Then work your way up to product launches, candid backstage conversations with keynote speakers, or a live Q&A.

Live social video is transforming the way brands engage with their audiences, and it’s here to stay. Want to learn how to incorporate live social video into your marketing strategies?

Download the whitepaper Live Social Video: An Inevitable Marketing Channel.

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