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Real-Time Audience Building: What Does It Take to Get That Coveted Share?

Your social media strategy should be built for efficiency.” — Patrick Gillooly, Social Media and Communication Director, Monster

Recently, Cramer dabbled in Superbowl-style real-time audience building after announcing virtual reality for dogs on April Fools Day. Pawculus Rift” was a hit and it landed us on Adweek’s best brand hoaxes of 2015 list, alongside Google, Samsung, and YouTube to name a few. 

The media attention lit the social streams on fire and we buckled down in our own war room to keep the conversations going, engaging audiences in real-time. 

Our teams even took to Periscope to further extend the moment with a real-time viewing of the Pawculus video and a champagne toast. 

What did we learn from this brand activity? What’s the secret to real-time audience building? It’s something our client, Monster, already knows and practices daily. 

The most important thing you can do is simply be there — in the conversation, engaging and interacting with your current and potential audiences. Having a few pre-canned Tweets up your sleeve is fine, and we recommend it as part of your strategy. But to build those likes and shares, you have to go beyond automation and be dedicated and present. 

In addition, make sure to cater your messages to the right audiences. For example, with Pawculus, we had specific campaign outreach plans for four different market demographics — local media, national reporters focused on the April Fools Day spoofs, the virtual reality gaming market, and dog lovers. If we hadn’t spent so much time researching where and when to say the right message, our prank would not have been as successful. 

You need to have consistency in your decision-making and fluidity in your execution — be ready to shift on a dime. You want to be purposeful, and risk-averse, but flexible too. And don’t worry about getting it wrong. It happens, you learn, and you optimize” — Patrick Gillooly

The Monster social media team: Patrick Gillooly, a stork, Bret Silverberg, and Brooke Zambroski 

The social media team at Monster is no stranger to the magic of real-time marketing success, and they know that behind the Twitter smoke and Facebook mirrors, there is a lot of hard work. Patrick revealed the mix behind their most successful social campaigns has been about 30% planning, 50% execution, and 20% analysis. 

While he is a believer that spending time finding the ROI of social negatively impacts the ROI of social,” Patrick of course places heavy emphasis on campaign optimization through in-depth analytics and strategic planning. That’s why he spends his days interacting with the real-time stream reports and social metrics displayed across six giant flat-screens running Brandwatch in the Monster Social Media Center. 

The Social Media Center is a relatively recent investment for Monster, but one that has truly paid off. Their top-down belief in the power of social media to activate audiences, and implementing real-time marketing strategies to keep those audiences engaged and informed, has resulted in a 300% growth in followers across social channels, and a 400% increase in engagement.

You heard it straight from the Monster’s mouth — Dedicated resources reaps its rewards.” Getting the share is all about being there, and being timely and relevant when you are.

At Cramer, we embrace the hacker mentality with aims to explore all the best services available — getting smart for our clients. Right now we use a combination of Parsely, Google Analytics, POSTANO, and some good old fashioned trend hacking to power our social media command center, The Hub. 

How are you hacking social to best engage and build audiences in real-time? Follow the Monster #FindBetter campaign and connect with Cramer to keep up to date on the latest strategies and tips.

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Jonathan Ronzio

Experience Chaser, Writer, Speaker

Story Real-Time Audience Building: What Does It Take to Get That Coveted Share?

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