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How Hexagon Boosted Their Event Audience By Utilizing A New Programmatic Channel

HxGN Live, the annual international conference by global IT-provider, Hexagon, has for years embraced broadcast-quality video streams, captivating an international audience every time the show goes live. But for their most recent conference, we decided to test a new programmatic tool to see if we could expand their already impressive audience. 

The goal was to grow viewers outside of their existing brand channels, bringing live content to new audiences. And for that, we turned to AmpLive.

AmpLive is a programmatic solution for live video, basically enabling a live stream to be placed within banner ad space provided by top publications and media outlets in order to reach new target audiences. 

This tool boasts the ability to turn live viewers into customers” via a suite of really exciting features, and it was beyond simple to use. You start by asking who you want to reach, then define your audience persona and why you want to reach them (what is your marketing goal), and GO! 

For HxGN Live, we hosted the conference live stream on Livestream​.com as we normally would. AmpLive is a partner with Livestream, so integration was easy. All we had to do was give them our event details (Name, Date, and Time, and Livestream Embed Codes ), and then the feed was syndicated through AmpLive to their massive network of publishers based on the audience segmentation we had selected. 

We were able to target audiences by demographics, viewer interests, and even specify the audience size we hoped to capture. For this campaign, the audience goal was 10,000 viewers spread over four days. AmpLive can control how many banner ads are pushed out in order to meet viewer goals, so throughout the four day show, they would increase the ads as needed. And by the end of the show, we did meet that goal.

Creative for HxGN live feed banners

The result of this live video programmatic strategy was a 13.54% increase in live event viewer engagement over the previous year.

Though our experiment and results proved powerful (the system worked flawlessly and we were impressed by the reach), we only scratched the surface of AmpLive’s capabilities. After connecting with the AmpLive team to talk about our trial and explore a little deeper down the rabbit hole, we learned about their account-based targeting system, featuring over 6,500 companies primarily in the B2B enterprise space. 

What does that mean? Brands can essentially say, hey, I want to send the stream to product development people at Amazon,” and they can make that happen. 

Live Retargeting

Another really cool feature is live retargeting. AmpLive realized that many people who register for an event live stream, don’t end up actually tuning in when it’s live. To solve for this issue, they drop a tracking pixel on every registered viewer and then when the event video goes live, AmpLive is able to find that user wherever they are on the web, and notify them to tune in and not miss out. 

Additionally, in relation to retargeting, AmpLive can put additional marketing information and creative assets, such as highlight videos or keynote recaps, in front of both registered users and engaged viewers following the event, further increasing your chances of converting a new customer. 

And depending on your desired audience size or targeting metrics, the price per view may be as low as 5 cents. But let’s be honest here, attention is currency. So to capture more engaged viewers, for instance to specify you only want viewers that will tune in for 15-minutes or more, is difficult but can be done (for a bid of up to a dollar or more per viewer). 

A Home Run in the Audience-First Marketing Ecosystem

The world of experiential marketing is nothing if not audience-first, and we’ve found this to be one of the most intriguing and impressive new programmatic tools to fit into the audience-first marketing ecosystem. 

The power to deliver live content to prospective audiences where they’re already spending their time would definitely be one of an event marketer’s three wishes from a genie. Well, wish granted. 

For more on strategies to capture attention of audiences outside of your brand channel, and drive acquisition for your events, be sure to download our latest white paper, Programmatic Marketing for Events” today!

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