Planning the Next Generation of Leadership Meetings

Event Marketer and Cramer collaborate to explain how leadership meetings can make an even bigger impact.

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Today, great leadership meetings are tipping the old model upside-down by putting networking and company culture at the forefront as a means of fostering genuine peer-to-peer relationships. They are also cutting back on top-down lectures from executives, and instead are bringing active participants to the stage as the company storytellers. 

And that sit-down, hours-long slideshow of the past? It’s going away, too, as event marketers are testing out shorter pieces of content, flexible schedules and environments that keep attendees up and on the move.

The New Model

The leadership meeting as we know it is a formula that may have worked a decade ago, but now — in today’s economy — isn’t helping companies hit the mark when it comes to generating the kinds of real results the meetings are designed for. 

Event Marketer and Cramer have collaborated to talk next-generation leadership meeting strategies for event marketers. The result is a whitepaper that includes 21 actionable tips, insights and strategies designed to transform the archaic meeting model of the past into something that can compete for attention and create an effective call-to-action. They include: 

  • Five ways to leverage theater design for incredible leadership meetings 
  • TED-centric’ tips to turn your general sessions into powerful moments 
  • How to master the art of social media, and corporate privacy 
  • Five tips for boosting attention, buy-in and retention at your event 

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