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How To Restructure The Keynote Using Micro-Moments

Applying the mobile customer journey concept of micro-moments to keynote presentations to write and deliver more effective messages.

Your attendees are sure to remember two things — how your event started and how it ended. Anything and everything in between is subject to selective listening. 

Attendees may neglect all of your breakouts, activations, and booth experiences for pre-scheduled networking, luncheons, and sales calls with the hundreds of other professionals they had hoped to meet there. But it’s likely that your meeting, conference, or trade show will start and/​or end with a keynote speech that the majority of attendees will sit through. And the keynote sets the tone.

Whether you’re the one writing and delivering that speech, or you’re part of the event planning team helping a speaker prepare for your audience, you can utilize the concept of micro-moments in the keynote story arch to ensure the most important moments at your event are successful. 

What Are Micro-Moments?

Micro-moments are a relatively new idea in the digital marketing world and primarily relate to a person’s reflexive impulse to turn to a device when they feel a need to know, go, do or buy.

MarTech describes these as, intent-rich moments when decisions are made and preferences are shaped.”

A person feels a need, demonstrates intent, and wants information immediately. The opportunity for marketers to deliver that information, typically by way of ranking high in search results as the user turns to Google, or being the go-to app to fulfill their need, that is a micro-moment. 

Now let’s take this concept beyond mobile experiences and to the stage at your event. 

Mastering Micro-Moments In The Keynote

An effective keynote has a carefully crafted story arch that takes the audience on a journey. 

  1. You create a connection by finding common ground with relatable stories and get them to not just listen, but agree. 
  2. You balance the speech with stats, metaphors, and ideas to keep the talk varied and interesting. 
  3. You build towards an inspiring call to action and succeed in both educating and motivating. 

Now, how can you do it better?

As you script a 30 – 60 minute talk, break it into 3 – 5 minute segments and work on each segment independently of the other. You will, of course, stay under the umbrella of the keynote theme, but by focusing on a small segment and how to both build and solve a need within it, you will effectively craft a series of REM cycles for your audience. 

Over and over through micro-moments throughout the talk, the attendee will feel an urge to learn, watch, or buy, and then awaken to your solution, direction, or opportunity, feeling refreshed, well-rested, and ready for more. 

By strategically designing a keynote that consciously builds and addresses the audience’s needs in micro-moments, piquing curiosity and answering it with the same speed of a user’s impulse to search, you will ensure that the most important messages at your event are delivered more effectively than ever. 

And if you can embrace the second screen, and be the one to direct how and when they turn to a device in the more traditional sense of micro-moments during the keynote, that’s an even greater win. 

Bonus: Try this AI-powered public speaking app to eliminate filler words, improve vocal energy, increase clarity, and monitor pacing.

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