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Food Trucks & Beer: Event Strategies For Creating A Cohesive Corporate Culture

How to ensure your sales meeting, brand activation, or user conference becomes a cultural rallying point for your audience.

If you’ve gone to an industry conference, festival, or corporate event anytime in the past year, there is a good chance you got your grub from a food truck, passed out a business card in the beer garden, or even lined up for the beer truck.

As beers get craftier, so do the ways in which events serve it to attendees. And there’s no denying the explosion of the street food movement at events as trucks line up to dish out tacos, falafels, and sliders to hungry conference-goers. 

There is a reason why these trends are on the uptick, actually there are a few. For one, yes, it makes catering at events easier. Sure, there are some permitting issues that come along with food trucks or serving beer street-side, but on the whole, having food vendors drive in and out while attendees effectively serve themselves what and when they want makes it easier on the venue and event organizers. In many instances, it’s cheaper, plus you’ll bring in a much wider variety of food choices for your attendees. 

There is also a cool” factor that comes along with food trucks and beer gardens. This has to do with keeping the event (seemingly) more casual. People are tired of being confined to hotel ballrooms, sitting in suits, and eating passed hors d’oeuvres. They want backyard BBQ’s, sneakers and jeans, art and music. Of course, flowing beer taps will also always lead to more candid and comfortable conversations among the attendees. 

The industry has been calling this the festivalization of events,” and it’s really about finding that sweet spot between Burning Man and the ballroom.

And at the heart of it all, there is the simple fact that an event is a cultural rallying point. Event experiences have the power to craft culture, corporate and beyond. 

There is no shortage of ideas for creating stronger teams or building better cultures and events give you a unique opportunity to bring people together and implement, to act, and to analyze. Events are a way to build inclusive communities from an otherwise diverse pool of people and invest in creating content continuity as it relates to your brand message and mission. 

The ultimate goal is to provide a journey for the attendee that when they experience, they realize it was exactly what they wanted and needed. It resonates. It’s what they would have designed if they had the vision, and they’re happy you did. 

And for many people, that vision includes food trucks and beer. Are you surprised? 

Written by

Jonathan Ronzio

Experience Chaser, Writer, Speaker

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