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Cramer’s Take on Experiential Technologies and Why the Industry is Taking Note

An elite roster of global brands are inviting Cramer over to talk tech in the world of brand experiences.

Emerging technologies we look at for brand experiences must amplify and embrace culture. They must create and fuel energy, unite and broaden community, and capture and interpret data. As we break down the different fields of emerging technologies that meet those goals, the R&D teams at Cramer are concentrating on four distinct buckets—Human, Vision, Screen, Environment.


Human technologies consist of biometrics and wearables. These technologies help us gather data about attendees, which feeds personalization and measurement. Wearable tech enables attendees to engage with people, places and content without needing to have a phone in their hand, while biometrics the likes of Apple Watch and Fitbit are basically always-on body-monitoring systems.

Biometric feedback through third-party apps such as Strava or Nike+ allow marketers to understand customers on a more granular level and offer products or services specifically designed to meet their physiological needs. 

Some of the more exciting human technologies we’ve gotten our hands on lately are EMOTIVs EEG brain monitoring wearables, the magic that is Project Jacquard, weaving touch and gesture interactivity into textiles to turn everyday objects or furniture into interactive surfaces, and DuoSkin skin-on user interfaces, straight of the MIT Media Lab. 



Vision technologies encompass the exciting worlds of augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. AR/VR and mixed reality applications have the power to transport attendees into a world or story that they cannot otherwise experience, creating a deeper connection by way of memory imprint between them and the content. 

These are powerful event technologies because marketers are able to enhance the attendee’s view of reality with layered content, adding details and learning opportunities, and providing another dimension to the story being told throughout the attendee journey. 

Something as simple as VR Cardboard viewers can elevate an otherwise normal experience into something so much more unexpected and inspired. So simple yet so exciting, that we made our own! Check out Cramer Cardboard.

Other vision technologies we’ve been experimenting with include the Birdly human flight simulator by Somniacs, live on-stage augmented reality, powered by Vizrt, and LG’s OLED transparent panel display for facility branding and advertising showcases. 

Birdly by Somniacs


We’re always scoping out the most mind-blowing microsites, simple yet powerful social media tools, latest live streaming trends, and our Motion Studios arm is heavily invested in staying on top of the world of video. 

Conversational interfaces, like the Consierge Eventbot, a chat bot for events offering a text-messaging experience, are exciting developments in the screen technology space. As is the revolutionary ease of the webcasting platform Crowdcast, and the first ever 360-degree virtual reality camera purpose built for professional content creators, the Nokia OZO.

Nokia OZO


A longtime favorite arena for the Cramer team, with a 30+ year legacy of event production and environmental design, here we’re exploring structures, smart surfaces, objects/​IoT, and robotics.

Powerfully crafted environmental narratives have the ability to surprise and delight attendees by turning an unexpected surface into a character in the digital narrative or create non-traditional input channels. 

Thoughtful evolutions of environmental space and how it can be used will require the attendee to look at everyday items differently. Being invited to touch and manipulate their environment can now help an attendee craft a story of their own. Tactile digital experiences add dimension to the message a brand is trying to convey and provide deeper, more meaningful engagement.

From real-time projection mapping to the Beam light socket smart projector, and our favorite IoT remote control, bttn, to the Google Jamboard, which merges the worlds of digital and physical creativity, it’s a fun time to be exploring the environmental technology space for our clients and audiences.

Beam by Beam Labs Inc.

Sharing in the Fun

More than just researching the latest technologies to hit the brand experience scene, we are dedicated to bringing this tech in-house to play with it, study it, and learn how we can best utilize these tools to drive impact at shows for our clients. And because we’re really good at sharing our toys, Cramer launched the Emerging Technology Roadshow.

Global juggernauts the likes of IBM, PwC, UPS, and other companies with three letter names are among the growing list of brands that have welcomed Cramer’s Emerging Technology Roadshow and gotten hands-on with some of the latest tools in experiential tech. 

Since launching the program, our creative technology team has been in high demand, touring offices and talking tech. We share many of our findings in the Catalyst Podcast, and are also helping event marketers and creative technologists start their weeks inspired with our Weekly Trend emails — an Event Marketer collaboration. 

Learn more about the Emerging Technology Roadshow, get on our radar and showcase your tech, or bring the tour to your company or conference. Let’s go.

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