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CSR Team-Building Initiatives For Your Next Event

Here are 3 corporate social responsibility ideas to add to your attendee journey.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the way in which companies are checking the CSR box is evolving as employees become more aligned with social issues and employee engagement initiatives trend toward hands-on, shared experiences.

A study by Glassdoor revealed that 75 percent of employees, ages 18 – 34, expect their employer to take a stand on important issues affecting the country including immigration, equal rights, gender equity, and climate change. So how can you align social impact and employee engagement with your business objectives? Try injecting corporate social responsibility initiatives into your event experiences.

Here are 3 CSR ideas to add to your attendee journey in feel-good forms that everyone can rally behind.

1. Fight the global water crisis

Nonprofit Wine to Water is dedicated to keeping clean water flowing and as part of a team-building exercise, employees or event attendees can participate in building water filters.

Help get clean water to families in hard to reach areas around the world, like refugee camps and natural disaster zones by assembling filters with your teams and learning about the water crisis together.

2. Provide aid for the troops

The Wounded Warrior Project has workplace campaigns that can be woven into events and, of course, you can have teams put together care packages via Support Our Troops.

Everybody knows somebody who has served or is serving and the goal here is to work together to assemble supplies that will give our men and women in the field some much needed morale.

3. Schedule a give back day

Whether you arrange for a morning, afternoon, or a whole day during or after your event, scheduling time to bring your attendees into the community for various volunteer projects has become one of the more popular ways to boost engagement while creating impact.

Give back days might include cleaning or painting over graffiti, picking up trash on beaches or streets, or offering your hands to a community garden.

Building as CSR team-building

This trend was obvious since Habitat for Humanity became a go-to corporate volunteers nationwide, but the fact is that the most exciting team-building initiatives at your events this coming year are those that will actually build something physical with meaningful, tangible, impact.

In 2019, what will you build? What social impact will your events have?

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