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Achieve More With an Analog Approach to Brand Activations

The latest trend in experiential marketing and brand activations is a simple return to the age of authenticity. A time before digital ruled the way we experienced the world.

Between exciting corporate events and buzzworthy pop-ups, event-based marketing is all the rage. From iced tea slip n’ slides to stuffed animal doctor’s clinics, brand activation events can bring people closer to your product in a meaningful way. In short, this approach is all about getting interactive and putting people face to face with your product or service. 

Even though everything seems to be going digital these days, sometimes the analog approach is where it’s at. You might be able to achieve more by designing brand experiences where people can get hands-on. A pamphlet isn’t going to ignite a fire about your brand, but a mind-blowing experience just might build instant brand loyalty. 

Offer Personal Engagement

As any brand experience agency can tell you: Analog and digital can work hand in hand to create a dynamic experience. Adding an analog component to your brand activation event is vital to generating a personable interaction with your consumer. 

Millennial customers expect a personalized message, and they also want brands to anticipate their needs and interests. They are no longer satisfied with traditional ads that aim to attract a wide audience. Using an analog activation technique that is highly niche and relatable to your market gives you a trust factor over your competitors. In the end, you can achieve higher conversion by connecting with event participants in a way that anticipates their interests and offers a useful experience. 

Show You Know Experience Matters

Speaking of experiences, millennials don’t only want you to deliver them a personalized message — they actually value an experience over material goods. A greeting card company offering an analog card creation event instead of handing out a preprinted card is more likely to build brand loyalty. Consumers will remember the event, have a good interaction with your business, and associate your brand with a positive experience. 

Best of all, you don’t need to sacrifice measurable goals to take an analog approach to your experience. In fact, keeping track of KPI is a crucial part of any good Boston event marketing — even analog event-based marketing. Figure out how you want consumers to interact with your brand and what you want the outcomes to be. How will you activate them to become advocates for your brand after their experience? Become an online influencer, purchase and rate your product, or share their experience on social media? 

Stay Relevant

About two-thirds of consumers skip over ads when they get the chance. To stay relevant in your market, you’ll have to do more than ask event participants to watch a video ad or interact with a screen. Analog experiences complement digital ones in a way that shows you understand the importance of really connecting. 

Consumers bore easily, and as a marketing director for American Greetings points out, The human brain works in an analog fashion.” Even though marketing and digital may be advancing, our human instincts remain the same. If you want to stay relevant, take a step back and go old school. 

You can always turn to the top brand experience agency in Boston for help. We’re experts at creating experiences and activations that get people talking and your partner in fueling passion for your brand. 

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Experience Chaser, Writer, Speaker

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