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4K Shows and 4D Experiences: Why Cramer is Investing in The Future of Experiential Marketing

We could have purchased 8,000 cases of Heady Topper. Or two round-trip tickets to space on Virgin Galactic. Instead, we invested in cutting-edge event technology.

Brand new Christie projectors (with their 4k ready counterparts on the way), prompters, a Barco E2 4k graphics processor with multi-destination switching, webcast encoder upgrades, fiber TX/RX units, failsafe Shure Axient mic systems, and an audio work box that’s gone all digital.

Yeah, we can check the boxes and execute world-class events with this gear, but we always say you need to get to the story, and the emotion, behind the tech specs.

I sat down with our VP of Technical Services, Steve Francomano, to do just that. 

Our philosophy about gear is that the priciest option is not always the best option. You don’t always need a Cadillac. But to be honest, we’ve got a warehouse full of Cadillacs, and that’s because we are committed to our clients’ programs.“Steve Francomano

Cramer’s event tech warehouse

Reiterating our commitment to our clients, to innovate is to never be happy with the status quo, and we’re never content. State of the art R&D initiatives translate to brilliantly innovative events that never stop pushing boundaries — whether in, or out of the ballroom.

Want to know what keeps us up at night?

Hum loops. Chasing a relentless hissing buzz through cables and connectors around a trade show floor. An all-digital audio solution means no more hum loops. Now we, and our clients, can rest easy.

The latest additions to the event tech arsenal also mean control. Our production model benefits from stripping away the reliance on cross-rented gear. We own and maintain the gear in-house — engineering, repairing, and controlling every product from start to finish.

This is a huge differentiator for us because we can guarantee the absolute integrity of our equipment. We know that you get one shot with an event. Moment to moment, delivering messages in a live environment, you can’t be worrying about equipment failures. And we don’t have to.” — SF

As technology improves, it gets smaller and more efficient. Keeping up with the latest in event tech essentially allows us to pack less for shows. Less gear, means a smaller truck and less fuel. We’re not only reducing our environmental footprint this way, but also shrinking our physical presence in the space by having less equipment to set up.

Efficient packing…

All of this translates to cost savings for our clients. Savings on shipping, and savings on load-in/out labor time. Factor that into your 4,000 person user conference on the other side of the country and it adds up fast.

While cost savings are great, and having gear you can trust to work is even better, for us, it’s really about pushing our comfort zone to the line between the cutting-edge and the bleeding-edge. 

The biggest trends right now in the event production industry are bigger screens, and higher resolutions. HD has become the standard – the assumption. To stay relevant, you have to plan and scope to exceed expectations.

Here’s the exciting part.

We will see 4K shows become the standard in the next 5 years. We have already seen projection mapping leave two dimensions behind and make the leap to 3D motion-tracking.

It’s an unbelievable time to be part of the event industry. As we’ve touched on before, the rise of virtual reality is poised to completely change the game of experiential marketing and brand experiences. We’re making moves there too. Bridging the virtual and physical worlds with interactive 4D experiences will be the future of events.

To pull off these kinds of experiences, combining 4K and 4D, it takes technical and creative teams motivated by risk-taking and experimentation. And it takes the right gear. We’ve got all that.” — SF

To learn more about Cramer’s event services, get the scoop on the latest in event technology, and chat further about how our experiential marketing programs can make your next event better, send us a note!

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