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11 Breakthrough Experiences in Healthcare

In the first of many lists in our Breakthrough Experiences” series, you’ll find 11 innovations that are either on the verge, or already starting to transform the industry.

Why 11? Because 11 is better than 10. In no specific order, here are the products, the platforms, and the apps, that are making our jaws drop. 

1. Intarcia Therapeutics

The ITCA 650 

Intarcia Therapeutics is a Boston-based med-device company poised to disrupt Type 2 diabetes and transform the global market with ITCA 650, their match stick sized pump implant which holds a year’s supply of insulin. http://​www​.intar​cia​.com

2. E-Dura

E-Dura, or electronic dura mater,” is electronic tissue that could help paralyzed people walk again. It mimics both the shape and elasticity of dura mater, which is the protective membrane of both the brain and spinal cord. This soft, flexible implant has already shown incredible promise, allowing lab rats to walk again after paralyzing spinal cord injuries. http://​go​.cramer​.com/​1​B​WsOhV

3. Flatiron Health

The oncology industry’s first cloud-based data platform and the new standard for real-time insights and intelligence.” Google Ventures invested one third of its 2014 capital ($100 million) in Flatiron Health, which makes it their second biggest investment after Uber. Flatiron is a healthcare tech startup out of NYC that aggregates and transforms clinical and financial data in real-time using a cloud solution. http://​www​.flat​iron​.com

4. Atomwise

Better medicine, faster.” These days, it takes about $1.8 billion and 15 years for a single new drug. Atomwise aims to change that by using supercomputers to predict, in advance, which potential medicines will work, and which won’t. Atomwise is using the same artificial intelligence breakthroughs that power self-driving cars, online search, and virtual assistants and putting them to work for human health. 

5. Gilead Sciences

Gilead Science is bringing life-savings drugs to market nearly as fast as producing them.

Number 16 on Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies list, Gilead Sciences is developing life saving drugs at the speed of need.” In the last few years this company has developed four effective new treatments for HIV as well as the fastest selling new drug of all time, Sovaldi. Sovaldi is the first antidote for the hepatitis C virus, with a 90% cure rate. With three more HIV medications and several liver disease treatments in the works, Gilead is innovating at a revolutionary rate. Their slogan? Advancing therapeutics. Improving lives.” http://​www​.gilead​.com

6. Fantasy Health

Fantasy Health is looking at an aging system through the lens of progressive disruption to explore the what if?” Using new technology, Fantasy has developed a platform that centralizes the patient journey, revolutionizing patient-doctor communications, booking and billing processes, adherence, fitness tracking, and just the healthcare experience in general. http://​cas​es​tud​ies​.​f​-​i​.com/​h​e​a​l​t​hcare


HEAL brings on-demand doctors to your door in under 60 minutes. They are bringing back the house call in Uber-like fashion to improve patient experience and outcomes. It’s a mobile enabled world we live in and 2016 is going to be the year that the Uber of healthcare” takes off. Will it be HEAL? That remains to be seen. But they are definitely exciting early-movers to watch. (HEAL is currently only available in Los Angeles). http://​geth​eal​.com

8. Medisafe

Medisafe is helping people integrate healthier behavior into their everyday lives using a cloud-synced mobile medication management system. Their why?” Improving medication and treatment adherence keeps families safer. http://​www​.medis​afe​pro​ject​.com

9. Healthloop

Re-inventing patient-doctor communications. Healthloop works to eliminate repetitive patient education, while improving adherence through actionable and digestible real-time information. http://​healthloop​.com

10. Talkspace

Online therapy provider Talkspace launched a service enabling patients to anonymously chat with a professional therapist whenever they want without making an appointment. What does unlimited anonymous therapy via SMS cost? $25/​wk. http://​www​.talk​space​.com

11. Be My Eyes

A free mobile app that connects blind people with a network of sighted volunteers to assist with every-day tasks. A blind person requests help and a signal goes out. Then, when a volunteer accepts, a video connection is made and the volunteer can see through the phone to assist the blind. http://​bemyeyes​.org


Obama made a hilarious video on Buzzfeed promoting health​care​.gov — if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out:

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Story 11 Breakthrough Experiences in Healthcare

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