Oscars Review: Event Producers Give 2017 Show a B+”

Event producers from across the country discussed what they liked and disliked about the 89th annual Academy Awards.

BizBash called on notable event producers to review the Oscars. Our very own Amanda Rockwell gave the Oscars a B+. 

Here’s what Amanda had to say: 


I like to organize my award shows into categories — cool (the Grammys), funny (People’s Choice), and glamorous (the Oscars). I continuously tune into the Oscars for the visual eye candy of décor, dresses, and overall glam effect. While this show stayed pretty on brand,’ there were a few instances where the set elements seemed a better fit for the Grammys. The dripping crystals that formed into Oscar himself was a nice element that drew in a more playful vibe. I do respect the producers for adding a fun spin to the show.

One thing I am always so surprised about is how intimate this show feels, given its status as the shining star of the award show family. The vibe feels inclusive, and seeing the celebrities sitting closely together makes them feel more like traditional colleagues. This serves as a nice reminder that celebs are just like us. Albeit with a much better wardrobe than I’ll ever have. 

The highlights

One of the cool factors that I was really into was, of course, Justin Timberlake opening the show. That man can do no wrong. Pumping up the crowd with a bit of JT dancing through the audience is the best way to start a show. Bravo to the Academy for that selection! The five-year-old sugar addict in me loved the balloon drop of assorted sweets. As a marketer, the lack of logo representation was shocking, but as a viewer I loved the clean look of the all-white balloons dropping from the ceiling. This did seem like a missed opportunity for interesting audience lighting, or at least more glitz and glam. I also enjoyed the tour bus bit — mostly because I’m jealous that things like that never happen to me!

That ending

The whole card mishap is not new to those of us who enjoy watching all shows, but I do think the La La Land team handled themselves very well in the chaos. Whenever you see an event producer running around the stage, you know it’s not a good sign!

In summation

Overall, I would have loved to see a touch more glam and some more exciting lighting elements throughout the venue, but I was still very much impressed with the show. At the end of the day, the Oscars are a celebration of a beautiful craft, and seeing people take pride in their work is something that should always be celebrated. Especially now.

Cramer wasn’t the only agency weighing in on the Oscars. 

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In the News Oscars Review: Event Producers Give 2017 Show a B+”

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