Reflecting on 2020:

Key Insights From the Most Unpredictable Year

2020 was challenging for everyone, and especially so for those of us who work in the live events industry. But with all the disruption came opportunity. Our industry was transformed almost overnight—forcing innovation and technology to advance at a breakneck pace —and ultimately yielding many new and exciting ways to connect people. It was a whirlwind year, and we wanted to close it out by highlighting some of our most crucial learnings, like: what makes for a successful virtual event? How can you optimize content marketing to find your brand voice and engage new audiences across multiple channels? Will live events ever go back to being how they were?

But COVID-19 wasn’t the only story of the year. Racial inequality and injustice were brought painfully to the forefront. Inspired by the difficult but important conversations that were taking place on the national stage, we reflected on our own morals and realized we had to work harder to make diversity, inclusion and representation a priority within our industry. 2020 was a wild ride; bumpy at times but always informative. We’re kicking off the new year smarter and more prepared for the future than ever before. We hope you find our learnings useful as you start 2021.

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