Issue 99

Featured Story

Attendee Journey-Mapping Using The Storytelling Arc

Whether crafting brand narratives or event experience curves, the traditional storytelling arc is still the most powerful method for planning and communicating a message.


Must Reads

8 Event Practices to Leave Behind in 2018

Instagram museums with no purpose, thought leadership without thought, and unreasonable deadlines are some of the practices event professionals say should stay in 2018.


4 Ways Event Creators Can Make (and Keep) Smarter Resolutions

This infographic outlines four ambitious and achievable New Year’s resolutions that will help elevate your events — and your career.


19 Event Trends That Will Shake Up Meetings & Group Business in 2019

What does it mean to be a part of the events industry in 2019? Well for starters, don’t blink.


Episode 15: Blockchaining [Catalyst Podcast]

Blockchain technology is expected to safeguard and streamline events and the attendee experience. But how?


Fringe Ideas

Why Your Event Hashtag Is Not Enough

Find out how geofencing can help you capture all the social chatter from your event.


These Are the Five Hottest Gadget Trends for 2019

From folding phones to 8K TVs, the cutting-edge advances you need to know about for next year.


For the Sake of Personalization, Technology Is Stepping out of the Spotlight

In this “phygital” era of events and meetings, technology is no longer the flashy starlet. It is the passive player that is woven into the full event.


How One Conference Is Creating Customized Content Neighborhoods

How do you create multiple, distinct neighborhoods in one big village that exists for five days inside a convention center once a year?


Just Because

These Are the 10 Best TED Talks of the Year, According to the Guy Who Runs TED


In case you missed it...

CSR Team-Building Initiatives For Your Next Event

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the way in which companies are checking the CSR box is evolving as employees become more aligned with social issues and employee engagement initiatives trend toward hands-on, shared experiences.


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