Issue 98

Featured Story

Corporate Social Responsibility and Team Building At Your Events

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the way in which companies are checking the CSR box is evolving as employees become more aligned with social issues and employee engagement initiatives trend towards hands-on, shared experiences.


Must Reads

Eight Best Experience Stores of 2018

Retail design, retailtainment, experiential retail, the experience store – the language around flagship stores and in-store experiences is rapidly evolving.


131 Stage Design Ideas for 2019

Mastering the basics of stage design and then creating your own unique touches will help your audience take notice and increase social spread.


The 100 Greatest Innovations of 2018

From in-home gadgets to space-bound rockets, the effects of each of these feats will reverberate for years down the road.


Why Business Events Are Embracing Startups

Along with the rise in venture capital, there has been a corresponding increase in business events that explicitly define a role for themselves as connectors of money and innovation, and are carving out a place for themselves in established verticals.


Fringe Ideas

Social Hotels

Hotels are moving beyond their transient roots in an effort to create meaningful, lasting impact.


Easy A(R): Simple Ways to Add the High-Tech Trend to Events

Here’s how to incorporate the technology into events without making a big investment.


Facial Recognition Gaining Traction for Event Use

A recent survey at IBTM World finds planners expecting wider adoption in 2019, while a facial-recognition product won the show's emerging-technology award.


What 5G Will Mean for Hotels and Events

Arriving soon: 5G mobile internet. Travel companies, along with event professionals, should start planning now for a future defined by ubiquitous access to high-speed data.


Just Because

An AI Tried to Write the Perfect Lexus Ad. Here’s a Scene-by-Scene Look at What It Was Thinking


In case you missed it...

Data Confluence

As two movements intersect, the next evolution in event technology—the next big conversation for event professionals—is simple: You want more data, attendees want more ownership.


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