Issue 96

Featured Story

Innovation Women Founder Bobbie Carlton On Closing The Gender Gap At Conferences and Events

Bobbie Carlton aims to give women more on stage opportunities with her Boston-based women-only speaker's bureau. Learn more in this insightful interview between Bobbie and Cramer's Brent Turner.


Must Reads

How to Create Effective Event Marketing Emails

Today, when email campaigns have replaced handwritten invitations and social media platforms are the new ‘word-of-mouth’, creating effective event marketing emails is extremely necessary.


The Mega Guide to Live Streaming Events

Nearly any event can be live streamed. It’s up to you to determine why you want to live stream and find the best way to make it happen. Here’s your complete guide to live streaming events.


Virtual Venues [Catalyst Podcast Ep.13]

VR “venues” are expected to transform the group VR experience by allowing users to interact with each other within a virtual setting. Join co-hosts Kate Romano and Joe Lovett as they discuss the latest experiential marketing trend: virtual venues.


Meetings Outlook: A State of Extended Growth

Events are getting slightly shorter, slightly larger, a little more frequent, a little more niche and with shorter sessions. But two key trends stand above the rest in this quarter's Meeting Outlook survey.


Fringe Ideas

Artist Displays Inflatable Vinyl Structures Layered with Augmented Reality

From the start, Michael Rees and Curator Tom Moran imagined the exhibition as a group experience conceived as worlds within worlds, where the sculptural objects perform as the site for others’ augmented reality works.


How Jägermeister Is Using Snapchat’s New AR Features

For Halloween, Jägermeister conjured up augmented reality magic via tarot-card readings and Snapcodes in a campaign that played to millennial consumers’ growing appetite for new age spiritualism.


Locked In: An Interactive Video by Typeform

How often do you walk into work on a Wednesday morning and hear this: “For the next two days, drop everything and build something that could be the future of the company.” And so began the Typeform Challenge...


IoT at the Edge: How AI Will Transform IoT Architecture

As the future unfolds before our eyes, what few are talking about is how AI-driven IoT actually gets implemented in an effective and profitable way.


Just Because

Why AI Must Learn to Dress Itself


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