Issue 93

Featured Story

Why Experiential Learning Works: An Interview with Learning Seeds' Founder, Erica Key

Driven by the boom of the experiential learning movement, meetings and events are placing increasing emphasis on providing immersive education opportunities via on-site activations to boost engagement and ensure attendees are connecting with brand messages on higher levels than ever before.


Must Reads

Event Industry Trends From Around the World in 2018 [Infographic]

Discover the latest event industry trends in this infographic using new data from more than 4,000 event creators from around the world.


Crowdcasting [Catalyst Podcast Episode 12]

Event marketers are casting their ideal crowd to form lines outside their events and simulate word-of-mouth buzz.


Malcolm Gladwell Just Shared a Counterintuitive Trick to Calm Your Nerves Before Speaking in Public

One of the most prolific speakers (and writers and thinkers) around, Malcolm Gladwell, gives advice you might not expect in overcoming this number one fear.


How Making Social Media a Centerpiece of Experiences Can Create Lasting Value for Consumers

Good experiential marketing is taking Instagram optimization to the next level: it’s giving people a dynamic, fully-Instagrammable space in which to actually do something.


Fringe Ideas

Vertical Video Ads Are Coming to YouTube

Advertisers can now snap up slots that fill up a users' screen when they're viewing content on YouTube's mobile app in a similar way to the ads served by the likes of Instagram and Snapchat.


Experiential Takeaways from Google I/O and NEXT

Digital technology plays a huge role in both daily life and experiential execution. Brands must carefully plan events to ensure digital activations complement the physical space.


Eventbrite’s Surging IPO Shines Light on Fragmented Event Tech Sector

Eventbrite is different than most event management companies but that doesn’t mean that the wider event space won’t benefit from increased awareness of event technology as a growing and profitable sector.


How to Solve Complex Problems (By Not Focusing on Them)

Simple decisions are best made using cold, hard logic. This way, we can work through the incremental steps that lead to an answer. But the same isn’t true for complex decisions.


Just Because

How The Weather Channel Made That Insane Storm Surge Animation


In case you missed it...

Conversations Are Now Replacing Presentations at Events

Content is getting harder for meeting planners. The next evolution in meeting content embraces dialogue that produces original, and sometimes unexpected, insights.


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